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You can pay for the program up front or split payments into installments.


Thank you for applying to join the next cohort of the Nonprofit Fundraising Master Class.


Our goal is to help you reach your fundraising goals. Our students leave our master class with a strategy and solution to their fundraising problem.


This multi-week master class was designed by nonprofit leaders for nonprofit leaders to simply their fundraising processes.


What can you expect from the master class?


#1 - What is the make up of OUR STUDENTS?

✓ Leaders or founders of a 501c3 organization that is 1 to 5 years old

✓ Nonprofit leaders with an entrepreneurial attitude

✓ Leaders ready to plan and take action

✓ Leaders with experience building and / or leading a business

✓ Leaders who currently manage teams and / or departments


#2 - WHO IS THIS MASTER CLASS FOR? NONPROFIT leaders who want to solve one or more of these problems.

✓ WANTS a better or different relationship with your funders

✓ STRUGGLES with asking for money for your programs

✓ WANTS to compete for funding and win the grant awards

✓ WANTS to learn how to build a fundraising system with a small or NO budget

✓ WANTS to 10x the engagement of your board of directors


#3 - Each students leaves with the confidence to:

✓ SIMPLIFY the process of raising money

✓ PROVIDE a simple process for improving relations with funders

✓ INCREASE confidence to ask for money for your programs

✓ COMPETE for and win grant awards against stiff competition

✓ CREATE a winning fundraising system with a small or no budget

✓ LEVERAGE board members to produce to 10X their fundraising engagement



#4 - What will we accomplish during our master class?

We will develop the key elements that make a nonprofit program attractive to funders. During our eight sessions, we will cover the following:

Session 1 - What you should know before you start fundraising 

Session 2 - Why strategy matters to fundraising

Session 3 - How to position your nonprofit for maximum performance

Session 4 - How to leverage relationships to generate revenue

Session 5 - How to develop your strategic plan

Session 6 - How to develop your fundraising plan

Session 7 - How to develop your master grant application

Session 8 - How to develop your master program budget

Join our LIVE Coaching Program

You can pay for the program up front or split payments into installments.


About Dr. Clark

DR. WILLIAM CLARK is a fundraising strategist and leadership development and organizational impact specialist to nonprofits and churches. He helps new nonprofits and entrepreneurs build six-figure programs without chasing funders. 

 Dr. William Clark has over 15 years of experience working in city government, nonprofit administration and public housing operations. Dr. Clark has raised over $6.5 million in new multi-year grant funding since 2015. Throughout his career, he has helped raise over $900 million in grants and government contracts.

Dr. Clark is a lecturer and the author of several books on nonprofit and church leadership including:

Dr. Clark is the creator of the Nonprofit Funding Strategies Academy. He is also the host and founder of the Change Maker Forum (formerly the Emerging Leaders Conference) for nonprofit leaders. Dr. Clark is the lead pastor of Living Faith Church in Hartford CT.

Dr. Clark holds a Doctor of Strategic Leadership degree from Regent University and a Masters of Leadership Development degree from Penn State University.


There are no refunds.

Students who miss a payment will be unenrolled from the course until payment is continued. If a student is unenrolled from an existing cohort due to non-payment and is unable to continue payments within 1 week of the last missed payment, the student will be required to register for the next cohort and make a new payment arrangement for the full amount associated with their registration for the next class.

Students are responsible for showing up to each session on time and completing all assignments to get the most out the master class.

This master class, its instructors, and its creator are not responsible for outcomes.

Join our LIVE Coaching Program

You can pay for the program up front or split payments into installments.