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Budget Template - Before asking for money, be sure to have your full program and organizational budget complete and in place. Be sure to account for the costs associated with operating your program. Do not skip past this process because many nonprofits tend to ask for much less than what they really need.

Strategic Plan - Strategic planning has a relevant position in organizations; however, strategic plans should be developed in response to the goals of the organization. The goals of the organization are shaped by the strategic foresight process. Strategic plans do not require organizational leaders to design the future; rather, they require leaders to plan for the future. Organizations that are concerned with their longevity and competitive advantage in their market are more likely to become or maintain their success by designing the future through strategic foresight. 

Fundraising Plan - But before you begin searching for grants, I recommend you to start developing a fundraising plan. This will focus on your organization and your board as you seek out all types of funding opportunities to support your nonprofit. These funding opportunities include earning income, contracts, grants, events, individual giving, sponsorships, and much more.

Master Grant Application - A master grant application is a document that you create at the top of your fiscal year that outlines your strategy for delivering your community's programs. The master grant application mimics the most stringent grant application that exists amongst the funders you are targeting. 

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